About the Campaigners



The Campaigners is a dynamic youth and children’s movement with a solid Christian foundation.

It encourages a close tie between a weekday activity and Sunday church – encourages ownership by the congregation and church structures – yet recognises that for many young people the weekday contact may be the only contact.

Support and encouragement for your leaders. Our Aims apply to all and starts with leaders, and requires each one to profess a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. This is key to the methods of Campaigners.

Our Mission Statement

The Campaigners seeks to serve in partnership with local churches to provide a comprehensive children’s and youth work that nurtures a personal faith in Jesus Christ and equips its members for a lifetime of Christian service.

We are totally committed to reaching this generation with vibrant and dynamic programmes that teach children and young people the Gospel while also providing useful life skills and opportunities to enable them to develop and grow in all areas of life.