About the Campaigners

All about The Campaigners in ‘Just a Minute’ 

The 60 second answer to the question, ‘What are you campaigning for?’

The Campaigners is an agency for Christian Mission, organised for and by young people. Its primary objective is to share the Christian Gospel and to help its members discover and develop a personal living faith in Jesus Christ.

The Campaigners lives up to its name by offering a range of amazing activities, opportunities and adventures to help each member discover their own God-given skills and talents.  We actively encourage the use of these gifts to serve the Gospel (Eph 3:6-7) and to make a positive difference in the issues young people really care about (for example by reference to the Five Marks of Mission – proclaiming the Good News, baptism & nurturing, caring for the needs of others, challenging injustices and safeguarding God’s creation.)

Based at our Campaigner office in Coventry, The Campaigners provides a national framework to support and resource Christian youth leaders and members of locally based church or non-church based Christian groups. Under this umbrella, individual groups stand, share, laugh, do memorably daft things and work together with a common purpose, building life-long relationships within a diverse array of personality and talent. This is Campaigners, a place where anyone and everyone can come together and put their Christian Faith into action to make a tangible difference for good in the world.

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