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Set your own DofE Challenge 2021:

Anyone can take part in the DofE Challenge. From age 13 to 99 it doesn’t matter – a challenge is a challenge. As this opportunity stands separately from the main Award programme, anyone, either as an individual or as a group can join in. The goal, in recognition of achieving your personal challenge, is a DofE pin badge.  

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you want to push yourself to the next level, there are lots of options – either a physical activity, learning a new skill or an adrenaline-rush experience.


Push your body to the limits

Why not take on a physical event this autumn? Whether you’re a complete beginner or you want to push yourself to the next level, there are lots of options. From walks to kayaking, swims to bike rides, team sports to solo missions, set your challenge, get moving and raise funds for the DofE  charity


Is there a skill you always wished you could do – or do better?

It might be singing or baking, knitting or gardening. Maybe you excelled at something when you were younger and have been meaning to try again but not quite managed. Let the DofE Challenge be the motivation you need to achieve your goals.


Get your heart racing

If you’re up for something more exhilarating, why not try something more extreme? A skydive if you’re afraid of heights, an overseas trek in the most basic conditions, a tough mudder even if you hate dirt – how far will you go to challenge yourself?

You set your challenge and get sponsors to help raise money for the D of E. Taking on a DofE Challenge is your opportunity to achieve something new and do something out of your comfort zone to raise money for the DofE Charity,

The DofE Charity supports many young people who are facing unprecedented challenges. The DofE offers a range of experiences and opportunities and it needs your help to extend the DofE to all young people, from all backgrounds, to benefit both them and the wider community.

Go it alone or rally friends and family to take on a challenge as a team. 

The DofE Challenge is open to everyone, of any age and ability.  

Visit the dedicated website today, and set-up your very own challenge!


Are you are aged 13 or over?

The Campaigner Delta D of E might be what you are looking for. Meet with others in your part of the country, experience some amazing adventures, events & opportunities. Make new friends and generate memories that will last a lifetime.

To join, Simply click on ‘GET IN TOUCH’ and send me your name, contact email and select that you are ‘A young person over 13 interested in the Delta Network’. 

The Campaigners and the

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Campaigners are a  DofE Award Licensed Organisation which means that we can oversee and support any group that wishes to run the Duke of Edinburgh Award as part of their youth ministry. 

Campaigner Delta DofE may be just what you are looking for to give you the opportunity of participating with others in a DofE activity. This could be in volunteering, doing your expedition or undertaking your Gold Residential.