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Set your own DofE Challenge 2023:


Challenge yourself, change a life

When young people are challenged to achieve more than they think they can, it changes their life forever. Every young person, regardless of background, deserves the opportunity to realise what they’re capable of.

At the moment, we aren’t able to reach all those who need us. There are currently thousands of young people who want to access the life-changing impact of the DofE but face barriers. That could be a physical, mental health, or financial barrier.

We’re raising £1 million so that 25,000 young people facing barriers can start their DofE.

It’s time to take on a challenge, raise money and change a young person’s life.

Anyone can take part in the DofE Challenge. From age 13 to 99 it doesn’t matter – a challenge is a challenge. As this opportunity stands separately from the main Award programme, anyone, either as an individual or as a group can join in. 

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you want to push yourself to the next level, there are lots of options – either a physical activity, learning a new skill or an taking on an adrenaline-rush experience.

To find out more, simply click on to the DofE Challenge logo below to take you to the Challenge web page. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to join in; just sign up, take on your challenge and raise money!






Are you are aged 13 or over?


Campaigner Delta might be what you are looking for. Meet with others in your part of the country, experience some amazing adventures, events & opportunities. Make new friends and generate memories that will last a lifetime.

To join, Simply click on ‘GET IN TOUCH’ and send me your name, contact email and select that you are ‘A young person over 13 interested in the Delta Network’. 


The Campaigners and the

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award


The Campaigners are a  DofE Award Licensed Organisation which means that we can oversee and support any group that wishes to run the Duke of Edinburgh Award as part of their youth ministry. 

Campaigner Delta DofE may be just what you are looking for to give you the opportunity of participating with others in a DofE activity. This could be in volunteering, doing your expedition or undertaking your Gold Residential.