Delta Network

Are you are aged 13 or over?

The Campaigner Delta Network might be what you are looking for. Meet with others in your part of the country, experience some amazing adventures, events & opportunities. Make new friends and generate memories that will last a lifetime.

To join, Simply click on ‘GET IN TOUCH’ and send me your name, contact email and say that you are ‘A young person over 13 interested in the Delta Network’. 


The Campaigners and the D of E Award


Dof E presentation TFG


The Campaigners is a licensed D of E Award Operating Authority – and we have the plaque to prove it! Pictured above is the official plaque being presented at Buckingham Palace by astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield, the first and only Canadian to go into space!

The Delta Network may be just what you are looking for to give you the opportunity of participating with others in any DofE activity, Volunteering or Gold Residential. If you would like to find out more about joining the Campaigner Delta Network, register your interest today and we’ll be in touch.

Diamond DofE

Why not have a go at the D of E 60th Anniversary DIAMOND CHALLENGE?

DELTA logo


This is for YOU – You will have a real say in shaping and organising the things you would like to do as you plan together your programme through the Delta Forum. This could be your real chance to turn your hopes and dreams into reality – to do the things you can only do within a group environment. Obviously, the only limits are that the activities are in harmony with the Campaigner Christian ethos and there will be Campaigner approved adult involvement to ensure you are given the guidance you need and you are kept safe from harm.