For You

The Campaigners comprises of four distinctive age groups, each with their own tailored programmes which include:
  • A positive Christian ethos and learning about God
  • A social awareness of world around us
  • A healthy lifestyle with games and activities
  • Experiencing new skills, challenges and achievements

Campaigner Eagles (Age 4 – 6)

The youngest section is known as Eagles. A typical weekday get-together will involve the young boys and girls having a time of fun in learning a variety of simple tasks and activities. They are also introduced to many key Bibles stories as part of their programme.

Campaigner Junos (Age 6 – 10½)

The Junos section uses similar teaching themes as Eagles. There is a detailed programme of activities, games, learning opportunities and challenging Bible teaching to keep this lively group of children more than occupied.  Many of the activities are designed to complement the National Curriculum they follow at school and, for the older Junos, there’s the option to begin the ‘Adventure Service Challenge’ (see below) which helps build a bridge into the next section – CrossTrax.

Running a Junos group is very much a team environment and whilst there does need to be a sufficient authorised leader for safe supervision of the group, there’s a lot of scope to involve others in teaching the various tasks and activities. The Junos leader resources are designed to help make running a Junos group as easy as possible!


Campaigner CrossTrax (Age 10½ – 13)

CrossTrax encompasses a time in the lives of young people that involves a great deal of change and where they want to have a go at everything life can offer. In many ways this group is quite challenging and therefore needs imaginative and resourceful leaders. Nevertheless, the rewards for leaders and young people can be immeasurable and we believe that the Christian values portrayed by The Campaigners and its leaders can be a positive influence during this defining period in their lives.

To help CrossTrax leaders to structure their ideas, The Campaigners have teamed up with ‘Adventure Service Challenge’, an independent programme which not only offers the opportunity of achieving an externally recognised award but it also serves as a foundation for joining the Duke of Edinburgh Award when they are 14. As the name suggests, members of CrossTrax will have the chance to embark on adventures and outdoor pursuits, be given opportunities to serve their community through volunteering and learning skills like First Aid etc. and to partake in sporting or other practical challenges.