For Your Church

Are you looking for a new and comprehensive youth and children’s work in your church?
Joining with the Campaigners may be the solution you are looking for. Have you or your church been involved in Campaigners before?
Then we invite you to take a fresh look at the movement. A lot has changed or is changing to make the movement more accessible to join and to be more responsive to the needs of churches today.

So, what might joining the Campaigners look like in your church?

  • You can create and grow an all age youth work – starting, if necessary, in a small way with any of the four sections and building the work up step by step.
  • A team of leaders who have the training, resources and support they need.
  • All principal leaders have to be Christians and are DBS checked and appointed under the Campaigner’s Safer Recruiting policy. We trust that all leaders and helpers connected with the Campaigners will be positive role models for the young people they engage with.
  • You can join with other groups throughout the country for larger events, activities, competitions and camps.
  • The ideal – a progressive youth work, starting at age 4 and continuing into teenage years – and beyond!  Throughout this journey, we aim to prepare every member for a lifetime.

Take the next step – without obligation. Get a small group together to pray and look for opportunities in your locality/premises, leadership, support of your minister and church council, local school?

Start in a small way and build up your youth provision step by step.

Ask for a representative from Campaigners to come and give a presentation about how the organisation might best serve your needs and expectations of a youth ministry in your area.