Camps and Events

Viney Hill Camp 2022

Our vision for the future of Campaigner camps & events

There are endless possibilities of camp styles and themes we want to explore. These including weekend trips, staying in church halls or Youth Hostels, winter breaks, seaside holidays, UK and overseas project camps, ‘wild’ camping, skill-based camps (e.g. creative arts, sports with a difference), a City camp, chill-out holidays, narrow boat trip and activity holidays such as Viney Hill.

There is a passion that the camps we offer should have a greater sense of purpose that todays young people can relate to. That’s why we are seeking to make Camping with The Campaigners distinctively different from the rest!  It is also strategically vital that we make our camps attractive and welcoming to ALL young people’s groups, not just to our existing Campaigner centres.

Moving forward, we are now working on the foundations needed to run some great camps run by great teams.  If you share the same passion to get involved in a new programme of camps that are distinctive and more purposeful, then please do let us know.

Please do continue to pray and let me know if you have any ideas, thoughts, opportunities or venues we could use – or if you know of any potential camp leaders who might be interested in joining the team.  

Tim Greenhalgh     April 2022

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