Putting Camps back into The Campaigners

This is your opportunity to be part of a whole new era in our camp and residential programme.  From next year, 2020, we are seeking to offer amazingly creative and unique ‘Not-to-be-missed’ experiences that young people actually want to go to. These camps would be widely advertised for any Christian youth group to attend – as part of our quest that anyone, anywhere can be a Campaigner. 

Here is an update of our recent camp Focus Day. Please contact me if you want to be part of the action!

Thank you to everyone who came to the Camp Focus day or who sent a response to the questionnaire.  A passionate conversation has begun with a vision to build a whole new array of Campaigner Camps.  

Many possibilities of camp styles and themes emerged, including weekend trips, staying in church halls or Youth Hostels, winter breaks, seaside holidays, UK and overseas project camps, ‘wild’ camping, skill-based camps (e.g. creative arts, sports with a difference), a City camp, chill-out holidays, narrow boat trip and activity holidays such as Viney Hill. The view that camps should have a greater sense of purpose that young people relate to is just one strand by which our camps could be seen as being distinctively different.  

Moving forward, we are now working on the foundations needed to run some great camps run by great teams.  

We have a picture of what fresh Campaigner camp offerings might look like. With our innate ‘Campaigner’ spirit and passion, it should be possible to make this work.  The next step includes looking for suitable venues or locations together with setting up camp teams to own and help shape each potential camp.

Please do continue to pray and let me know if you have any further thoughts, opportunities or know of any potential camp leaders who might be interested.  

Tim Greenhalgh     

3 October 2019

Contact 07815 742 757 or karibu@talk21.com